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Mathematics Subjects & Tutors Fall 2017

Subject CodeTutorSun.Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.
Finite Math102TBD
Statistical Modeling209Phasut (Raj) Amarnani6-95-7
Calculus I 211Robert Laganon call only
Calculus I211Cynthia Mustafa3-53-5
Calculus I211Hong Nguyen5-8
Calculus I211Aaqil Zakarya3-65-7
Calculus I211Sirui Zhou6-96-9
Calculus I & II211-212Davina Adderley3-57-9
Calculus I & II211-212Phasut (Raj) Amarnani6-95-7
Calculus I & II211-212Basel Arafat3-55-7
Calculus I & II211-212Salar AtherOn call only
Calculus I & II211-212Robynne Chevrette6-96-9
Calculus I & II 211-212Nikolina Dakovic 4-66-7
Calculus I & II211-212Isiah Duplessis5-73-5
Calculus I & II211-212Rishabh JainOn call only
Calculus I & II211-212Diksha KatariaOn call only
Calculus I & II211-212Connor Kissane3-55-65-7
Calculus I & II211-212Sami Malik3-63-6
Calculus I & II211-212Caroline McCartneyOn call only
Calculus I & II211-212Caleb Michalak 3-53-5
Calculus I & II211-212Logan Monk4-53-5
Calculus I & II211-212Hassan Naveed6-86-86-8
Calculus I & II211-212Lindsey Paul3-5
Calculus I & II211-212Akhar Phyo4-75-7
Calculus I & II211-212Claude Raffin3-53-5
Calculus I & II211-212Calvin Reedy4-65-75-6
Calculus I & II211-212Sirui Zhou6-96-9
Calculus I & II211-212Tianchang Yang7-96-9
Calculus I & II211-212Hassan Naveed6-86-86-8
Multivariate Calculus235Basil Arafat3-55-7
Multivariate Calculus235Connor Kissane3-55-65-7
Multivariate Calculus235Hassan Naveed6-86-86-8
Multivariate Calculus235Caroline McCartneyOn call only
Multivariate Calculus Review Session235Caroline McCartney6-8
Linear Algebra245Phasut (Raj) Amarnani6-95-7
Linear Algebra245Hassan Naveed6-86-86-8
Linear Algebra245Nasheya Rahmanon call only
Linear Algebra245Bilawal Shaikh6-86-8
Linear Algebra245Tongzhou Wang7-94-6
Linear Algebra245Tianchang Yang7-96-9
Fundamentals of Abstract Math300Bilawal Shaikh6-86-8
Fundamentals of Abstract Math300Tongzhou Wang7-94-6
Location and Appointments

The Academic Skills Center is located in the Boatwright Memorial Library Administrative Wing, Suite #9.

Tutoring hours vary. Schedule a tutoring appointment via our online scheduler.