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Other Subjects Fall 2017

Subject CodeTutorSun.Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Phasut (Raj) Amarnani6-95-7
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Basel Arafat3-55-7
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Salar Atheron call only
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Kevin Chenon call only
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Claire Hogan6-93-5
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Rishabh Jainon call only
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Hassan Naveed6-86-86-8
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Nasheya Rahmanon call only
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Tianchang Yang7-96-9
CMSC Introduction to Computing150Aaqil Zakarya3-65-7
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab221Basel Arafat3-55-7
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab221Kevin Chenon call only
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab221Claire Hogan6-93-5
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab221Rishabh Jainon call only
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab221Nasheya Rahmanon call only
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab221Lauren Toth3-43-5
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab221Hanna Vincent3-53-5
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab 221Tianchang Yang7-96-9
CMSC Data Structures w/Lab 221Aaqil Zakarya3-65-7
CMSC Discrete Structures w/Lab222Nasheya Rahmanon call only
CMSC Discrete Structures w/Lab222Bilawal Shaikh6-86-8
CMSC Discrete Structures w/Lab222Lauren Toth3-43-5
CMSC Discrete Structures w/Lab222Hanna Vincent3-53-5
CMSC Discrete Structures w/Lab222Tianchang Yang7-96-9
CMSC Discrete Structures w/Lab222Aaqil Zakarya3-65-7
CMSC Discrete Structures w/Lab222Sirui Zhou6-96-9
Software System Development240Kevin Chenon call only
CMSC Computer Organization301Kevin Chenon call only
CMSC Algorithms315Kevin Chenon call only
CMSC Algorithms315Tianchang Yang7-96-9
PHIL Elementary Symbolic Logic251Smaragda Spyrou3-54-6
PLSC Intro to International Relations250Jordan Lloydon call only
WGSS - Intro to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 200Aheema Gazi3-5
First Year Seminar - Critical Reading/Critical Thinking100Kevin Chenon call only
Learning DisabilitiesHope Walton/Roger Mancastroppaon call only
Academic SkillsHope Walton/Roger Mancastroppaon call only
Stress ManagementHope Walton/Roger Mancastroppaon call only
Time ManagementHope Walton/Roger Mancastroppaon call only
Location and Appointments

The Academic Skills Center is located in the Boatwright Memorial Library Administrative Wing, Suite #9.

Tutoring hours vary. Schedule a tutoring appointment via our online scheduler.