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Sciences Subjects & Tutors Fall 2017

Subject CodeTutorSun.Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.
HCS Intro to Healthcare Studies100Aheema Gazi3-5
HCS Intro to Healthcare Studies100Tess Munozon call only
Biology - Science, Math & Research Training I192Davina Adderley3-57-9
Biological Thinking199Tess Munozon call only
Biological Thinking199Ahkar Phyo4-75-7
Integrated Biological Principles I200Davina Adderley3-57-9
Integrated Biological Principles I200Ruhan Farsin5-76-9
Integrated Biological Principles I200Aheema Gazi3-5
Integrated Biological Principles I200Ahkar Phyo4-75-7
Integrated Biological Principles I 200Claude Raffin3-53-5
Integrated Biological Principles II202Ruhan Farsin5-76-9
Experimental Design & Biostatistics320Tess Munozon all only
Introductory Chemistry141Davina Adderley3-57-9
Introductory Chemistry141Lillian Hughes7-93-5
Introductory Chemistry141Tess Munozon call only
Introductory Chemistry141Ahkar Phyo4-75-7
Chemistry 141 Review Session141Supreeth Prasad7-8:30
Chemistry 141 Review Session141Dani Sklar7-8:30
Chemistry - Science, Math & Research Training II192Davina Adderley3-57-9
Organic Chemistry I205Kevin Chenon call only
Organic Chemistry I205Ahkar Phyo4-75-7
Organic Chemistry I & II205-206Davina Adderley3-57-9
Organic Chemistry I & II205-206Ruhan Farsin5-76-9
Organic Chemistry I & II205-206Rebeka Oklopcic7-94-7
Organic Chemistry I & II205-206Claude Raffin3-53-5
Organic Chemistry 205-206 Review Session205-206Supreeth Prasad7-8:30
Inorganic Chemistry I317Lillian Hughes7-93-5
Inorganic Chemistry I317Tess Munozon call only
General Physics I & II127-128Caleb Michalak3-53-5
Physics w/ Calc I131Caleb Michalak3-53-5
Physics w/ Calc I & II131-132Basel Arafat3-55-7
Physics w/ Calc I & II131-132Isaiah Duplessis5-73-5
Physics w/ Calc I & II131-132Lillian Hughes7-93-5
Physics w/ Calc I & II131-132Connor Kissane3-55-65-7
Physics w/ Calc II132Claude Raffin3-53-5
IQS Review SessionEthan Fenton7:30-9TBD
IQS Review SessionHunter Evans7:30-9
IQS Review SessionLindsay Paul7:30-9
SMART Review SessionJustin Airas
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The Academic Skills Center is located in the Boatwright Memorial Library Administrative Wing, Suite #9.

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