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Make an Appointment

All University of Richmond students can schedule a tutoring appointment. 

The Center will open for appointments on Monday, January 29. On-call tutors are available January 16–28.

How to make an appointment:

  1. Go to the Online Scheduler to schedule an appointment during Center hours.
  2. Email an On-Call Tutor if you would like assistance during limited tutor availability or outside of regular Center hours.
  3. Find a Review Session for any of the following subjects: Chemistry 141, Chemistry 205-206, Biology 200, CS 222, IQS, SMART

Using the Online Scheduler:
  1. Look at the Subjects & Tutors page to determine which tutors tutor your subject.
  2. Select the Online Scheduler.
  3. First-time users need to register to set up an account.
  4. After registering, type your UR e-mail address and password, and log in to scheduling window where you will be asked to "Select Class." Classes are listed by subject (i.e., Business (BUS), Foreign Language (FLGN), Mathematics (MATH), Science (SCIE), Other (OS)). Scroll and find the class, click on it.
  5. A "Select Tutor" box will appear. You may select a tutor or choose "No Preference." When you selet a tutor, their schedule will appear. You may then choose an available day/time. When you select "No Preference" all available day/times appear. Upon selecting the day, the available tutors and times for your chosen class will appear.
  6. To set an appointment click on an "open" date. The "Selected Appointment Information" box will appear at the right of the screen.
  7. Check the information provided and complete the "Special Instructions" box before selecting "Finalize Your Appointment."
  8. You will receive an e-mail confirming your appointment.
  9. If you must cancel your appointment, go back to the online scheduler, log-in, and under "Existing Appointment" click "Cancel Appointment" next to the day and time.
  • Students must refer to the appointment policies.
  • Please arrive at the Academic Skills Center on time.
  • Should you require assistance, please contact (804) 289-8545.
Location and Appointments

The Academic Skills Center is located in the Boatwright Memorial Library Administrative Wing, Suite #9.

Tutoring hours vary. Schedule a tutoring appointment via our online scheduler.