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Tutoring Session Evaluation

Now that you have completed your Academic Skills Center appointment, we are interested in your thoughts on the services that you have received.

Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to complete the Academic Skills Center Session Evaluation. We appreciate your assistance.

With whom did you meet?

In what area did your session focus?

If you selected "Other" in the above question, please explain.

The session helped me understand a subject area (i.e. calculus, biology etc.).

The session helped me to strengthen my skills for intellectual development (i.e. exam preparation, critical reading, critical thinking, note-taking, conceptualization, etc.)

The session helped me to strengthen my skills for personal growth (i.e. time management, stress management, etc.)

The tutor was willing to provide a variety of explanations and approaches to help me understand the material.

What strategy did you find most beneficial in improving your intellectual development?

If you selected “Other” in the above question, please explain.

As a result of my work in the Academic Skills Center, I was able to (please check all that apply):
Improve my grades
Maintain my academic performance
Resolve a particular need or concern
Establish a goal
Meet a goal
Learn an effective strategy
Improve my ability to manage my time
Identify a resource I needed on or off—campus
Take greater responsibility for my own success
Other (please specify)

How helpful do you feel these sessions have been to you?

How did you find out about the Academic Skills Center?

If you selected "Other" in question 10, please explain.

My knowledge and understanding of the subject matter has improved because of my efforts invested in tutoring.

My personal studying is more effective because I am applying the skills learned as the result of my appointment in the Academic Skills Center.

I feel more confident about my ability to succeed as a result of my experience.

Name of Tutor:

Your name:

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