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Subjects and Tutors

On-Call Tutors are available throughout the semester. 

Click on the tutor's name to email an on-call tutor with the subject and times you are available. Please plan ahead by at least 24 hours when seeking an on-call tutoring appointment.

Bilal Hindi

Arabic, all levels

Caroline McCartney

101 Microeconomics

270 Introduction to Econometrics

271 Microeconomic Theory

102 Finite Math

211 Calculus

212 Calculus

235 Multivariate Calculus

Natalie Melton

199 Biological Thinking

200 Integrated Biological Principles I

202 Integrated Biological Principles II

141 Introductory Chemistry

206 Organic Chemistry II

326 Biochemistry

101 Foundations of Society

Tess Monks

101-102 Elementary Latin

201-202 Intermediate Latin

Greek (all levels) 

Robin Nagel

FYS - Critical Thinking/Reading

251 Elementary Symbolic Logic

101-491 Sociology

200-490 Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Hassan Naveed

212 Calculus II

235 Multivariate Calculus

245 Linear Algebra

300 Fundamentals of Abstract Math

101 Intro to Microeconomics

270 Introductory Econometrics

150 Intro to Computer Science

Randell Scism


Maddie Shea

101 Minds and Machines

105 Elementary Programming with Lab

150 Introduction to Computing

195 Special Topics

221 Data Structures with Lab

222 Discrete Structures with Lab

240 Software Systems Development

288 Computer Science Apprenticeship

301 Computer Organization

315 Algorithms

321 Operating Systems

322 Software Engineering Practicum

323 Design and Implementation of Programming Languages

325 Database Systems

326 Simulation

327 Machine Learning

328 Numerical Analysis

330 Theory of Computation

Travis Terry

121 Elementary Spanish

151 Accelerated Elementary Spanish

221 Intensive Intermediate Spanish

211 Calculus 1

326 Biochemistry

211 Sociological Research Methods and Data Analysis


Learning Disability Assistance

Disability Support Services: If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact Disability Services as soon as possible. If you have a University of Richmond Disability Accommodation Notice (DAN), please let us know when you meet with the Director or Associate Director.

The Director, Assocate Director, and Learning Disabilities Tutors are available to provide academic support to all students, especially students who have learning disabilities in academic skills-related areas such as exam preparation, organizational skills, critical reading, application, critical thinking, time management, and the like.  Learning Disabilities Peer Academic Skills Tutors also provide subject tutorials during the fall and spring semesters only. A listing of tutors is available.

Student Testimonials

"Brooke has been extremely helpful during my tutoring sessions. She has provided a variety of methods to understanding, approaching, and solving problems."

"My tutor listened actively and was able to pinpoint the thing which was causing me trouble with understanding the material. My one-hour tutoring sessions proved to be much more beneficial for my academic success than three or four hours studying on my own.

"Sam is a wonderful tutor. She is patient and cares that the student has a complete understanding of the subject matter at hand. While learning from Sam, I realized that I was actively participating and sharing my newfound knowledge with others while having a great time!"

Location and Appointments

The Academic Skills Center is located in the Boatwright Memorial Library Administrative Wing, Suite #9.

Tutoring hours vary. Schedule a tutoring appointment via our online scheduler.