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Workshops, Fall 2017

The Academic Skills Center Staff will be offering workshops this semester. Our workshops are designed to assist students with key issues and provide them with strategies to enhance their academic and life skills. Please contact the Academic Skills Center at or (804) 289-8545.

Critical Reading and Critical Thinking Workshop

Want to learn how to have more interest exploring your subjects? Have you ever struggled to know what to ask in class? Have you ever struggled to learn the concepts in class? Come to our workshop and begin to see how!  

Conceptualization & Self Management Workshop (Time and Stress Management)

Would you like to get more from your class time? Homework? Test reviews? Would you like to decrease your test or exam study time while increasing your scores?

Have you ever struggled to put in the time you need to, or just struggled to manage it all?

Come find out how to engage with the material and yourself more effectively and efficiently! 

Individual Consultation

If you would like to also have an individual consultation in academic skills, time management, or stress management, please contact the Academic Skills Center at (804) 289-8626 to make an appointment with Academic Skills Center Director Hope Walton, or at (804) 289-8956 to schedule an appointment with Associate Director Roger Mancastroppa.

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 Critical Reading and Critical Thinking Workshop, Monday, September 11, 7-8:30, Tyler Haynes Commons, Room 348

Conceptualization and Self Management Workshop, Tuesday, September 26, 8-9:30, Tyler Haynes Commons, Room 346

Student Testimonials

"The introduction of the concepts of critical reading and writing in such a different setting was the most valuable.  I mean, we all know what those words mean, but do we really know what they actually mean?  I think that was the key to the entire presentation."

"The instructor provided plenty of helpful tips that I am going to try over the course of this semester and feel will help me over the next four years. he gave me confidence."

"I sat in on this class [workshop] last night and enjoyed it so much. I think everyone could benefit from hearing the content of this class. Thank you so much for making this available..."

"This service is really great. I am benefitting greatly from the help, especially in calculus now!"

"This was a GREAT intro course to critical thinking.  The material has helped me see the world in a different way, particularly during the presidential campaign season.  I would like to learn more, and look forward to building my critical thinking skills over my time here. Thank you!"

Location and Appointments

The Academic Skills Center is located in the Boatwright Memorial Library Administrative Wing, Suite #9.

Tutoring hours vary. Schedule a tutoring appointment via our online scheduler.