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The Academic Skills Center is located in Suite 9 of the Administrative Wing of Boatwright Library.

Hope N. Walton, Director
(804) 289-8626

Roger W. Mancastroppa, Associate Director
(804) 289-8956

Marie E. Boylan, Administrative Assistant
(804) 289-8545

Laura Fitrer, Administrative Assistant
(804) 289-8108

About the Center

The Academic Skills Center provides University of Richmond students with support that will enhance their academic experience and personal development. The Center assists students in understanding and learning ways to improve their cognitive skills, thus maximizing their collegiate experience.

Academic Skills Center staff members are engaged in helping students assess (e.g., Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, Learning Styles Inventory, etc.) their academic strengths and weaknesses; hone their academic skills through teaching effective information processing, test-taking, and related techniques; work on specific subject areas (e.g. calculus, chemistry, accounting, etc.); and encourage campus and community involvement.

Want to help?

The University of Richmond accepts donations that can be specified by department. Simply visit the Annual Giving website and under “other” type in Academic Skills Center.