Time Management

Managing your time is a critical support strategy in the learning process, particularly for college students. Because many high school students are so used to parents, teachers, and others providing structure to their lives, they often do not make that smooth transition into a university setting in which it is now up to them to structure their time. To get on the road to success, college students must quickly learn how to manage their time effectively and efficiently.

The Academic Skills Center can provide assistance in creating a time schedule as well as important strategies for managing your time. It is important, however, to schedule an appointment early in the semester.

Tips for creating a time schedule:

  • Using a time schedule, list all class and lab times and other fixed activities.
  • Record time for meals.
  • Add time for regularly scheduled activities such as a job, sleep, meetings, and travel.
  • Plan to schedule a minimum of 10-14 hours per week for every course. For example, a 4-unit course load requires a minimum of 40-56 hours of preparation on a weekly basis. This hour range is comprised of the total time students put into a class, including class time, reading, preparing for exams, working on assignments, writing papers, meeting in groups, and the like.
  • Think of the times that you are most energetic and productive and plan to study your difficult subjects at that time.
  • Conduct ten minute pre-class reviews before each class.
  • Conduct daily reviews of your classes before starting on your homework assignments.
  • Conduct weekly reviews of each class.
  • Include exercise in your schedule at least three times a week. Engaging in physical activities can reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Include play time on a daily basis. It is important to strike a good balance between studying, playing, sleeping, and working.