Academic Skills Coaching

Take charge of your academic career!

Free individual advising sessions are available in time management, academic skills (e.g. test-taking, information processing, note-taking, concentration, etc.), and stress management.

Contact the Academic Skills Center to make an appointment.

Virtual Learning Resources

We must all go with the flow. How are you planning to do it? Discover some best practices to take care of mind, body, and spirit.

Please view these short videos on best practices for time management, morning and evening routines, meditation, and developing motivation.

Grow your Learning!

Working remotely means organizing your assignments and managing your time as you work to stay in touch with faculty, classmates, staff, family, and friends. It also means keeping your motivation going without the structure of daily classes and regular campus life. Remote Learning Preparations and Engagement in Remote Learning provide a myriad of tools that can facilitate your success in working in a virtual environment.